Introduce yourself

Here you can watch different films that show how you say Hello and present yourself:

First some childrens programs:

Some useful phrases from the video:

– Hi, my name is … What is your name?
– How are you?
– I am fine, thanks. How are you?

– Nice to meet you! Good bye!


Now some videos for adults:

Do not only tell your name. Tell more about yourself, for example where you are from and where you live now, what you do for a living (study or work?) and where you do it, what hobbies you have and maybe how old you are.

Be curious! Ask the person you meet questions about them!


Hi, how do you you do? I´m Janet.

Nice to meet you Janet. I´m Emelie.

Nice to meet you too.


Here you get help with how you can introduce yourself and how to pronounce the phrases:


Här kan du hitta tips på vad du säger när du hälsar på någon:

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